Heat Pump FAQ's

This page will have your answer if you have a question about heat pumps. We constantly update this Heat Pump FAQ’s page with new questions and answers, so if you have a question that is not on this page, let us know, and we will answer it for you. 

Ground Source Heat Pumps

The running costs of a ground source heat pump are lower than other types of heating and cooling systems because of their high efficiency. In addition, the cost of the electricity used to operate a ground source heat pump is often lower than the cost of gas or oil.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Only heat pumps can be utilized in crawl spaces if the maker allows it and the space is adequately ventilated. Heat pumps will be pointless in encapsulated crawl spaces, and Well-ventilated, open places are the best locations for heat pumps.

Hybrid Heat Pumps

6,000 watts is a typical size for heat pumps in hybrid systems. A heat pump with a capacity of 6,000 watts will typically fit most hybrid installations and can therefore supply about 70% of the heating needs for approximately 70% of the time. This means that a backup fossil fuel boiler will only be required for the remaining 30% of the time.

Heat Pump FAQ's

The size and type of your home, as well as how well insulated it is, will influence this. If you have a 2,000-square-foot house, the guideline of thumb suggests you should install a 60,000 BTU heat pump. At Heat Pump Installers our team of specialists can help you pick the best heat pump for your requirements.

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